Why Maximus Fresh?

Maximus Fresh was created in order to Return Man’s Hygiene back to Nature. We were tired of being subjected to green or fluorescent blue liquid soaps loaded with chemicals we can’t pronounce, xenoestrogens, and harmful plastics. Wasteful plastic bottles that just end up in the ocean, and take hundreds of years of decompose. Our products are better for you and for the Earth. Pretty simple switch for a pretty dramatic effect. We started this company with amazing smelling bar soaps, but fully intend to shake up the entirety of the Men’s Self Care and Hygiene industry. We have plans and have already begun production in deodorants, toothpastes, lotions, and more.

The Brotherhood Of Land, Sea, & Air

What’s with all this brotherhood S$%#? Well to put it simply, it is the connection a man who has Returned to Nature has with his fellow creatures of the planet. When you choose to buy Maximus Fresh, you are consciously choosing products which are natural, and will return to earth without the harm of your brothers in the Animal Kingdom. It is a simple step that will have a big impact, especially as our brotherhood grows. So next time you see your boys let them know you care about their health, and that they should join our brotherhood.